What were the consequences of the Taiping rebellion?

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There were at least two important consequences of the Taiping Rebellion (other than that millions of lives that were lost in the rebellion). 

The first of the consequences was the weakening of the Qing Dynasty.  The Qing had already been weakened by such things as the Opium Wars and the unequal treaties, but the Taiping Rebellion was worse.  It was much bigger and it was internal.  The Taiping Rebellion inspired other rebellions as well.  In addition, the Taiping Rebellion forced the Qing to rely to some degree on help from foreign armies.  This further opened the country to foreign domination.  All of these factors helped to weaken the dynasty.

A second consequence was an increase in anti-Western feeling.  Many Chinese blamed the upheaval on the West.  This was due in part to the fact that the rebellion was somewhat connected to Christianity (the leader claimed he was the younger brother of Jesus).  This helped to stoke anger against foreigners, which helped to lead to such things as the Boxer Rebellion at the end of the century.

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As for before and after, before there was a revolt against the government and many God worshipers were bothered. After the revolt, there was military reorganization, a new kingdom, one and only God, and the Taiping Society became brothers. 

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