What were the consequences of the Genevan Reformation?

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The main consequence of the Genevan Reformation was the rise of Calvinism.  The spread of Calvinism across Europe helped lead to increased religious conflict.

Calvinism was a much more radical form of Protestantism than Lutheranism was.  It included the belief in predestination and an emphasis on very strict moral discipline in people's personal lives.  This faith came into conflict with both Lutheranism and Catholicism.

Across Europe, the rise of Calvinism led to conflict.  In Germany, for example, it helped to lead to the Thirty Years War starting in the 1610s.  In England, it led to the creation of the Puritan movement which, in turn, helped cause the English Civil War.

The Genevan Reformation, then, was important because it introduced a new and radical form of Protestantism that helped to cause more religious conflict across the continent.

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