what were the conflict of emotions felt by Eveline on the day she had decided to elope with frank?

florine | Student

     At the end of the story,  she felt she couldn't let Frank leave her. She had to "escape." She, too, a young Irish woman, "had a right to happiness." Everything had been planned in advance. She saw her new life in America as "rebirth", one in which she could be fulfilled and proud of her future husband's achievements .... And yet, the idea of home and the rough crossing that probably awaited her made her fear what held in store for her. Crossing over to join him was one step further that she couldn't make. It was like a threshold she could never cross. The image of the choppy sea was reflected in her inner self. She suddenly felt repelled by the vision of her own existence in an utterly foreign place. and She even seemed to cease to exist at all: no sign of love or farewell or recognition".

Her listlessness inthis final paragraph forebodes death, the shattering of all her illusions.