How successful did  President Eisenhower address Cold War fears of Americans?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Eisenhower helped to fuel the American fear of the Soviets.  The Eisenhower Doctrine was a clear example of this.  Eisenhower's foreign policy was committed to the idea that stopping the spread of Communism was vital to American interests.  Increasing the commitment of the United States to any nation fighting the Communist threat helped to build this very same threat at home.  Eisenhower lacked the ability to actually see the Communist threat as benign.  I am not sure anyone could really blame him for this because it was such an integral part of the time period.  Eisenhower demonstrated that he reflected and was a part of this time period.  In believing that the United States' interests are served when committing US forces and investments to nations fighting the Communist threat, Eisenhower helped to amplify the fears of Americans that it is "better dead than Red."  In this, Eisenhower is either leading public opinion or simply responding to it in terms of the fear regarding the threat of Communism around the world and how it is transferred to the domestic front.