Little Women Questions and Answers
by Louisa May Alcott

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What were the charecteristics of Meg, Joe, and Beth in the novel "Little Women"?

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Meg was the oldest March girl. She was very proper and very much wants to be married and have children, as she feels she is expected to do. She also wants to be in love and finds her self very lucky when she finds a suitable match in John.

Joe is the second oldest, and is in very simple terms, a tomboy. She is an independent thinker who feels stifled by the role she is expected to play as a woman. She very much loves her family, and is often caught in the passion of the moment which tends to get her into trouble. She always has the very best intentions at heart but is not sure what she wants out life, and is frustrated that she can't find it in herself to be like her sisters.

Beth is the third oldest, and perhaps the most content March sister. She loves her family, and wants her sisters to be happy. Although she is ill she hold no bitterness in her heart, but only wishes to enjoy her moments left on Earth. She is shy and quiet, but loves her music, and enjoys watching her sisters live life. She is Joe's confidant.

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