What were the characteristics of the education and military in the Moche and Nazca civilizations?They are the ancient civilizations of South America

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Very little is known about the education and military practices of these two ancient South American civilizations located in what is now Peru. The Moche culture lasted from 100-800 A.D. Most of what has been learned comes from the Moche pottery that has survived from that period. It depicts the Moche as an agriculturally based society and quite sophisticated for the period, with many examples of hunting, fishing and sexually explicit scenes.

It is believed that human sacrifices were common, and their victims were possibly losers of battles or captured enemies. Other discovered artifacts include war clubs, spear heads and spear throwers.

The Moche apparently had some contact with the Ica-Nazca who lived further south, mining guano on Nazca lands.