Discuss the pattern of industrialization in the United States after the War of 1812.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that industrialization in post- War of 1812 America ends up happening in two different ways.  The industrialization of the North as well as the material growth in the South are two different ends that prove to be defining in heightening the schism between both regions.  The Northern model of industrialization was following in the capitalist model of using capital to develop factories and employ a great number of people to generate a great amount of wealth.  The industrialists of the North enjoyed the consolidation of a labor pool into cities, and a constant influx of this labor pool through immigration and increases in population.  This industrialization model was contrasted with the development of the cotton gin in the South and the massive increase in production of cotton and the slaves needed to pick the crop.  While this was different than the industrialization model of the North, it still represented the pattern of industrialization in terms of consolidation of wealth at the top of the economic structure and being propped up by a large working group that received little or no compensation for their work.  In the North, this was the factory worker and in the South, the slave.  The constant in both patterns of industrialization was that the economic growth of America was predicated upon exploitation and a use of the means of production to continue this pattern.