What were the Causes and Effects of the Revolution of 1905?

janelleam | Student

The Revolution of 1905 was the culmination of many years of Russian repression and unrest.  Economic conditions in Russia were already poor, and had been since the Emancipation of serfs in 1861 by Alexander II.  This affected the peasants poorly, whose sole income was from farming that they now did not have enough workers for.  Industrialism was forced to become their main source of income. In the years leading up to 1905, the Russian workers were experiencing very bad working conditions.  This included working 11 hours a day and 10 hours on Sunday.   In 1904, the prices of goods decreased dramatically, due to inflation, which led to poor economic conditions.


As workers were centralized in factories, this also allowed more radical ideas to come forward.  The Russians had heard about Western ideals, including democracy and humanitarianism, and how revolutions forced the government to listen to these ideas.  The country of Russia was also split into several parties, including Autocrats, Capitalists, Constitutional Democrats, Socialist Revolutionaries, and Social Democrats.  The social unrest of the working class and the political unrest created by the numerous parties led to the Revolution of 1905.


Once the Revolution had been controlled, Fundamental Laws were put into effect, which limited the Duma's power.  Economic reform was also attempted, but it was not successful.  At this time, most of the country united together for WWI.  However, food shortages, military reversals, and unrest of the civilian population led to more revolution movements in February and October of 1917.

zumba96 | Student

Russian military expansion ended and the Russo-Japanese War was a result. Urban workers started to produce strikes, repression failed, there were tsar government reforms and reforms were rapidly undone. There were later rebellions against the Slavic Kingdom. 

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