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What were the causes of the Biafran/Nigerian Civil War? What were its outcomes?

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The causes of the Biafran/Nigeria Civil War stem from the 1 January 1914 forced British amalgamation of 250 diverse and distant ethic groups and two separate provinces into the single nation of Nigeria by combining the Northern Province protectorate, which provided a security buffer against the French and German colonies, and the Southern Province protectorate, which provided the raw materials for export and revenue. From the beginning of amalgamation (amalgamate: to mix or merge so as to combine, blend or unite) , calls for secession from Nigeria went out from the Igbo ethnic group. The disparities arising from differences between British treatment of the two provinces was pointed out by Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor General of Nigeria, who stated that while Southern Province Nigerians were educated to the extent that skilled labor was readily available and many Nigerians had become professionals, like doctors and lawyers, there were no Northern Province Nigerians who had been...

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