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What were California's three largest businesses during the 1920s?

Three of California's largest businesses in the 1920s were the film, agricultural, and oil industries. Los Angeles became a hub for film makers during this time as many studios migrated West and took to the areas temperate climate. This temperate climate also allowed agriculture to flourish, bumping California up as one of the largest producers of crops and dairy. Furthermore, the oil field discoveries throughout California boosted the state's production and sale of oil globally.

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Three of the largest businesses in California during the 1920s were the film, agricultural, and oil industries. The film industry was fast becoming a major sector. Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, became the capital of the industry for a number of reasons. First, the weather was mild year-round, which enabled studios to produce films on an annual schedule without fear that extreme weather would cause a shut-down in the production schedule. Moreover, film companies had also migrated west in the years leading up to 1920 in order to place a great distance between their studios and Thomas Edison’s Trust, which sought to enforce Edison’s patents. Toward the end of the 1920s, as the industry transitioned from silent films to “talkies,” the film sector experienced even greater growth than it had as the decade opened.

California was then, and remains today, a major agriculture center. This is in part because the same favorable climate that attracted...

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