The Whig Party Questions and Answers

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What were the beliefs of the Whig Party in the election of 1840?

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In the presidential election of 1840, the Whigs essentially had very little in the way of beliefs.  As one book (America: A Narrative History, by Tindall and Shi, 5th Ed. p. 480) says, "The Whigs had no platform."

The reason for this is that the Whig Party was a party made up of a coalition of people whose main commonality was that they hated Andrew Jackson and the Democrats.  The Whigs drew support from many different segments of the population.  They had anti-Masonic elements.  They had anti-slavery Democrats.  They had former Democrats who supported the Bank of the United States.

Because of this diversity, they did not try to run on a platform but ran, instead, on the claim that their candidates for president were regular people from humble backgrounds.

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