What were Augustus' contributions to the world?

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Augustus made many contributions to the world.  For the Romans, he stabilized the Roman Empire.  He brought back many traditions that had not been used in years.  For example, laws were passed which made it harder for demagogues to speak publicly.  These laws also brought back dignity to the Senatorial order.  He believed in values which included hard work, discipline, appreciation of culture, and marriage.  Augustus also established many public works projects.  These projects included improved water flow, building aqueducts, and establishing new roads and bridges.  One of these roads was the Via Flaminia, which is the road from Rome to Ariminium.  Additionally, many temples were built during the rule of Augustus.  Monuments and other structures were rebuilt, repaired, or completed during his rule.  In terms of warfare, Augustus ended many years of fighting and ushered in an era of peace within the Roman Empire.  There were also significant literary accomplishments during this time.  Some of the most significant Latin writers developed their craft during this time.  Some of the contributions of Augustus are still impacting modern political systems.  This includes contributions in terms of law and moral behavior.      Augustus had made many contributions to Rome and the world. 

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