Andrew Jackson's Presidency

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What were Andrew Jackson's strengths and weaknesses as president?

Andrew Jackson's main strength as president was his stubborn and passionate belief in the integrity of the Union. He demonstrated this belief in the Nullification Crisis, when he showed a willingness to send troops to the South to enforce federal law.

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By all accounts, Andrew Jackson was a very stubborn man, and this stubbornness proved to be both a strength and a weakness. Once Jackson had set himself on a particular course of action, he was determined to stick to it, come what may. In some cases, the consequences of such firmness and resolution could be beneficial to the nation as a whole. In other cases, Jackson's stubbornness could lead to catastrophe.

An example of the former comes in the shape of Jackson's conduct of the Nullification Crisis. Widespread anger in the South at the imposition of what was seen as an unfair tariff led many Southern politicians—including Jackson's own Vice-President, John C. Calhoun—to advocate the nullification of federal law in the Southern states.

Though Jackson was himself a Southerner, he has no intention of allowing the Southern states to override any federal laws they didn't happen to like. Determined to keep the Union together, Jackson refused to back down and openly threatened to send...

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