What were the adjectives Jonas used to describe his feelings in Chapter 1 of "The Giver"?please help me

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In trying to decide how to describe his feelings of unease, Jonas first thinks of the word frightened, but concludes that the term is "too strong an adjective" for what he feels.  He then tries out eager and excited, but realizes that neither of those words take into account the "little shudder of nervousness" that is bothering him as well.  He finally decides that apprehensive is "the appropriate descriptive word" to express what he is feeling (Chapter 1).

Jonas is apprehensive because this year he will be undergoing the Ceremony of Twelve, the last and most important of Ceremonies.  At this time Jonas will receive his Assignment, which will determine his life's work as a member of the Community.  Although he knows that Assignments are made by the Committee of Elders with extreme care, according to each person's observed abilities and inclinations, and that individuals are almost always happy about their placement, Jonas is still worried.  Unlike many who have an indication of what their Assignment will be ahead of time, Jonas "hasn't the slightest idea what Assignment the Elders would be selecting for his future, or how he might feel about it when the day came" (Chapter 2).