What is the weather, season, and the temperature in Lord of the Flies by William Golding ?

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The group of boys is being evacuated from England during a war. Their plane crash lands on a deserted tropical island. In chapter 1, Ralph and Piggy are discussing the crash and they first say they were shot down, but they also discuss the fact that there was a storm. In any case, the time of year is not given, or the season, but Piggy is wearing a windbreaker that he quickly takes off because of the intense heat he feels on the tropical island.

Since the island is in the tropics, it is always going to be hot, but usually tropical islands are even hotter in the summer months. In chapter one, Golding refers to "the intense heat" so we can infer that it is most likely not winter time in the tropics. The fact that Piggy is wearing a windbreaker and not a heavy coat might also indicate that it was spring or fall when the group left England. All of this is extrapolation, however. The only thing we know for sure is that it is a tropical island, and the boys go around wearing few clothes, so the temperature and weather is always tropical and warm. I don't believe we know for certain what the season is.

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