What weapons were used in the Second Boer War?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The infantry in the Second Boer War fought mostly with rifles.  The British Army used standard issue rifles of the time, which were the Lee-Metford Rifle and the Lee-Enfield Rifle.  The Boers, largely supplied by Germany, used Mauser rifles and Danish Krag-Jorgenson rifles.  The British rifles had 8 round magazines and the Mausers were accurate to about 2000 meters.

This war also saw the use of some automatic light artillery.  The Boers had a weapon known as the Pom-Pom which could rapidly fire 1 pound exploding shells.  The British used a variety of artillery pieces, including 12 and 15 pound field artillery that had a range of about 5,000 yards.

Of course, many other weapons were used to some extent in this war.  Please follow this link for much more on the subject.

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