What weapons are used in the Iraq war such as the "RPG-7" and guns.Name the names of the weapons and other guns.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Below is a partial listing of weapons currently being used by American soldiers serving in Iraq. 

M-16 RIFLE.  Too heavy, and it has major jamming problems due to the sand.  

M-4 CARBINE.  More popular than the M-16 because it's lighter. Still has jamming problems, however.

M-243 SAW (SQUAD ASSAULT WEAPON).  Unpopular light machine gun. Jams regularly.

M-9 BERETTA 9MM.  Fairly popular but not powerful enough.

MOSSBERG 12 GAUGE MILITARY SHOTGUN.  A favorite for clearing out house.

M-240 MACHINE GUN.  Popular and accurate. Fires .308 caliber and is belt fed. One bullet usually does the trick. Can be used mounted or dismounted.

M-2 .50 CALIBER HEAVY MACHINE GUN.  Ultra-popular. "The most coveted weapon in the theatre... worth its weight in gold."

.45 CALIBER PISTOL.  The best pistol in use. Very popular. Most soldiers authorized to carry a pistol want one of these.

M-14.  Reliable with a powerful 7.62 round. Allows for several modifications.

BARRETT .50 CALIBER SNIPER RIFLE.  Ultra-popular with "spectacular range" and accuracy. Often used "to take out vehicle suicide bombers."

M-24 SNIPER RIFLE.  Very popular with 300 or 308 shells. Great performance. One sniper is said to have used this model to record 100 kills.