What weapon does Rainsford carry during the hunt?(The most dangerous game)

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rainsford fell over the side of a boat while he was smoking a pipe.  He had NOTHING with him. In fact, General Zaroff had to supply him with clothes!  When the General tells him that he is to be the prey, he supplies Rainsford with hunting clothes, food, and a leather sheath containing a long-bladed hunting knife. He used it to make a Malay mancatcher, which injured Zaroff's arm.  He cut stakes and sharpened them to a fine point, putting them at the bottom of a pit to make a Burmese Tiger Pit.  It claimed one of Zaroff's best dogs. Finally he fastened the hunting knife to a young sapling.  That trick killed Ivan.  After that the hunting knife was lost.  But Rainsford escapes and has his last showdown with Zaroff with a sword.  

saycutie1188 | Student

hhe brings with him a knife i forgot what kind but its a knife

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