What are the weaknesses and strengths of the legislative branch?

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Congress is referred to as the "legislative" branch because it makes laws, or legislation. It consists of two houses, a Senate in which residents of each state each have two Senators, regardless of population, and a House of Representatives, which is meant to have Representatives apportioned in a manner reflecting population.

A strength of this system is that it attempts to balance the interests of geographical regions with the notion that all voters should be equally represented. A weakness is that it is undemocratic in the sense that it dramatically violates the principle of one person/one vote. California, with over 37 million people, has precisely the same number of Senators as Wyoming with under 600,000, meaning that one voter in Wyoming has a much say in selecting a member of the Senate as 50 Californians, something that appears rather unfair. Due to the methods by which seats in the House are apportioned, the number of people represented by a member of the House can vary by some...

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