What we can learn from life of Alexander the Great?give your answer in points like123

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Alexander's life, though often bloody, continues to be examined for its complexity and influence on the world.  There are a number of things to be learned by studying his history and how he was able to exert such extreme influence.  Here are few of the key components: 

  1. Military tactics-  A master of planning and preparation, Alexander conquered the majority of Greece.  He quashed uprising before they could come to fruition. 
  2. Cultural Integration-  Alexander did not take the traditional view of maintaining racial "purity."  He found the best way to create strategic allegiances was to integrate, and to this end, encouraged marriages between his soldiers and foreign women.
  3. Mercantile Expansion-  In keeping with his concept of expansion in the social sphere, Alexander also opened up enormous trade routes that had previously been ignored. 


leahm67 | Student

Alexander is most notably known for creating the Hellenistic culture. Through his conquests he was able to combine the Persian, Indian, Greek, and Egyptian cultures.

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