In what ways is writing short stories an example of symbolism in The Kite Runner?  This mainly refers to Amir but any other help would be much appreciated. 

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It is possible to place many symbolic interpretations upon Amir's writing, but two ideas come immediately to my mind. One is that the short stories are his attempt to relieve himself of the psychic pain that he endures as a result of his feelings.  Writing can be a form of catharsis, to be sure.  The other is that writing short stories can be a "warming up" exercise for a writer, a way of preparing to write a full-length novel, which might symbolize a kind of warming up exercise that Amir needs before he can act in a way that brings him redemption.  While I am sure that this novel is not completely autobiographical, Amir, as a writer, stands in, to some degree, for the author as a writer, who certainly knows that writing has its own symbolism. 

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