In what ways is the world of "The Odyssey" similar to today's world?In what ways is the world of "The Odyssey" similar to today's world?

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In our world today, we face many obstacles.  Most Americans have bills to pay, mouths to feed at home, and people who depend on us.  All of these demands require money.  Our economy is taking a major hit currently, and a majority of our families are facing the obstacle of finding and keeping a job that supports us.  These obstacles are just like Odysseus' obstacles that he had to maneuver through on his way home from Troy.
There are also others out in the world who try to make our lives either difficult or miserable.  They either want our job, they'll do anything so their kid can beat out our kid, or they're just plain mean to us.  This is like Poseidon is to Odysseus.  We also have gangs in our cities/towns.  Those are very similar to the suitors who are trying to claim Odysseus' land and wife.  The suitors are very much like gangs taking over a territory.

The most important thing we can parallel our lives to the book is in the love we have between family and close friends. These close loved ones should always stick together.  Odysseus could not have defeated the suitors without the help of his son and his long-trusted friends.  Without their love and loyalty, he never would have made it.  In the end for him and for us, love will always triumph.

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