How were women limited during the 19th century?

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Women were limited in many ways during the 19th century. Women were not allowed to vote during this time.  It wasn’t until 1920 that all women received this right.  While some states gave women the right to vote before 1920, it was not guaranteed until the 19th amendment to the Constitution was passed. 

Women were limited in educational opportunities. In some instances, women did not go to school.  When they did, it was often in a separate location from where the boys went to school. They also were taught different subjects.  They had limited college opportunities.

Women also were very limited in the jobs they could have.  If women worked outside of the house, (and that was a big “if”) they likely worked as nurses, maids, or teachers.  They were paid less than men were paid.  It was rare for women to speak their minds in a public setting.  Women often didn’t share their views on political or contemporary issues in the presence of men.  Women also didn’t serve in combative roles in the army. 

Women were significantly restricted in the 1800s.

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