In what ways were the 1980s in America a repeat of the 1920s?

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One major way the eighties were like the twenties is that they were both bubble times. Everything was going well, but in each case there was an economic bubble caused by shading financial deals. Each period was therefore eventually followed by the bust.

I would have to look back and see, but I don't think the 80's were quite as "Roarin" as the 20's. The comparison between technological advances in the two decades was a good reference.

Huge stock market advances and the re-emergence of a consumer, materialist society are two similarities.  The economic disparity between rich and poor seems, to me, greater or more noticeable in the 1980s than the 20s.  We also have a much greater drug problem than they had in those days.  Government in the 1920s did not rely nearly as much on deficit spending, and was not nearly so large or well armed.

The consumption element in both decades were present.  At the same time, the emergence of mass consumption in terms of cultural realities were also...

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