In what ways does the United States still operate under the threat of nuclear war regarding foreign policies and procedures? 


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The United States continues to operate under the threat of nuclear war. This is reflected in some of our policies and procedures.

The United States has been very concerned that countries that we don’t trust might develop nuclear weapons. Up until very recently, we imposed sanctions on Iran to discourage them from developing nuclear weapons. For example, these sanctions prohibited our banks from working with Iran. Other countries didn’t buy oil from Iran. The recent agreement lifted these sanctions. In return, Iran has agreed to limit its nuclear program and is willing to allow international inspections to verify that this is occurring.

We also are very concerned about the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea. We monitor developments in North Korea very closely because we are concerned what might happen if North Korea is able to develop nuclear weapons. We have tried to develop new agreements with North Korea, but no significant recent progress has been made.

We continue to deal with nuclear weapons with our foreign policy today.


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