In what ways is the title of the play "Look Back in Anger" meaningful to you?

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I think the title of this play relates to the way that we have all spoken in anger and let anger rule our actions and tongues in various points in our lives, and often in the relationships that mean most to us. #2 has already quoted the most famous and most shocking lines from this excellent play which capture the way that desire, love, hatred and anger are often so closely intertwined that we struggle to differentiate between them and to separate them.

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To me it implies that we are not always able to forget and forgive. Serious events happen, and we keep that anger and resentment wth us even after time. It is not always possible to move on completely and emotionally. Maybe we shouldn't always try.
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The title of the play "Look Back in Anger" is meaningful in many different ways. Even though the play's action focuses upon a love triangle and the feelings associated with an adulterous relationship, one could support a different relationship with the title.

many times, people hear how important it is to forgive and forget. That being said, sometimes it is simply not that easy. Therefore, the title of the play makes my consider things from my past in a different light. Many times in my life, I look back in anger at the things I have suffered through, put up with, and refused to forgive.

Many of the lines from the play shocked the audiences who  watched it.

“If only something—something would happen to you, and wake you out of your beauty sleep! If you could have a child, and it would die. Let it grow, let a recognisable human face emerge from that little mass of India rubber and wrinkles. Please—if only I could watch you face that. I wonder if you might even become a recognisable human being yourself. But I doubt it.”

How many of us have said something just as horrible and shocking to another person. Even then, regardless of the statement made, the pain we are sure we caused out of revenge, we find it hard to forgive them. We look back in anger and always will.

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