• In what ways, specifically, is Miss Moore an outsider in her own community? Which of her beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors distance her from the children? From other adults in the community? Is she able to overcome these barriers to full communication with her students and with Sylvia in particular?
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    There are many reasons why Miss Moore stands out in the community. Right away, we see she has "nappy hair, and proper speech and no makeup," suggesting that other people in the neighborhood have quite the opposite. She is much more "proper" than others in the neighborhood, and the text tells us that she stands out as well because she is dark-skinned. She also has a college education and is concerned with the children's education, something not a lot of people in the community care about.

    She is distanced from the kids because she isn't as poor as them and doesn't seem to understand what their life is like. She tells them that they live in slums. They can't relate to her appearance or success. The parents also feel distanced by this, because the feel they need to impress her by making the kids look better or by doing extra work on their appearance before they see her. She makes them feel that their everyday look isn't enough.

    It's difficult to say whether or not Miss Moore was able to...

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