In what ways is SAmmy just as Judgemental as Mr. Lendel? and Whats the bigger/broader lesson Sammy learned that day?

tanikay | Student

Sammy is constantly judging the women in their bathing suits in this story.  He constantly is critizing them.  Within the first few pages he has already decided who is the "Queen Bee" and who are the followers.  He judges them by who is smart and who is not as well when they speak.  He doesn't like the way their voices sound.  He doesn't like what they say.  The only thing he finds appealing and has worth is their bodies.  Sammy even quit his job so he could "get some" with these women but when he runs out, they are not there.  He learns that he shouldn't of quit his job for these girls and it taught him a lesson that women are more than just objects.

Hope this helps!