The Bronze Bow Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth George Speare

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In what ways is the rescue of Joel very different from the skirmishes of Daniel participated in with Rosh's band?

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In seeking to free Joel from Roman captivity, Daniel is motivated by love for his friend as well as a love for freedom. Daniel is determined that none of the young men who go along with him on his daring mission will die. Contrast this with the attitude of Rosh. Rosh is a fanatic whose passionate commitment to a political cause has blinded him to what's right and what's wrong. As a leader of a band of zealots, he's become a control freak, an egomaniac who always has to get his own way. He has no moral scruples about robbing his own people, and he routinely shows a reckless disregard for the lives of his own men.

Both Daniel and Rosh are devoted to the same cause: to drive the Romans out of Israel. But they differ radically in the methods they use to achieve their ultimate aims. For Rosh, the end justifies the means, no matter how immoral those means may be. For Daniel, on the other hand, a noble cause must only ever be achieved by noble means.

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