In what ways are people like Stargirl important to their schools and communities?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different readers will probably feel a bit differently about exactly why people like Stargirl are important members of any community. One major reason someone like Stargirl is important to have in a community is because she does a great job of modeling what it is to love everybody equally and be confident about this behavior. She cheers for both teams, and she isn't shy about singing happy birthday to people. She genuinely wants the best for others. She is completely selfless, and her love for others even extends to people that would be considered her enemy. Stargirl's example of loving people, even her enemies, is on full display in chapter 31. This is when Hillari slaps her and tells Stargirl that she ruins everything. Most people would think that Stargirl is well within her rights to smack Hillari right back, but Stargirl doesn't do that. Instead, Stargirl kisses Hillari and walks away. It's an incredible display of forgiveness and love.  

Shortly after, as the Serenaders gratefully played “Stardust,” Hillari Kimble walked up to Stargirl and said, “You ruin everything.” And she slapped her.

The crowd grew instantly still. The two girls stood facing each other for a long minute. Those nearby saw in Hillari’s shoulders and eyes a flinching: she was waiting to be struck in reply. And in fact, when Stargirl finally moved, Hillari winced and shut her eyes. But it was lips that touched her, not the palm of a hand. Stargirl kissed her gently on the cheek. She was gone by the time Hillari opened her eyes.

I think a lot of schools and communities could benefit greatly from following Stargirl's example of love and tolerance. I'm not saying all problems would be miraculously fixed; however, I do believe that if more people acted like Stargirl, there would be less criticism, cynicism, bullying, and less general negativity.