In what ways is Okonkwo’s daughter, Ezinma, like him?What will be her role in Ibo society and what difficultiesmight she face?

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In Things Fall Apart, Ezinma is favored by her father, Okonkwo. He thinks of her as the boy she should have been. Ezinma is brazen, bold. She sits like a man and asks questions with audacity. She has temper tantrums just like her father.

Although Ezinma is outspoken and quite confident, she will grow up to be a village beauty, just like her mother. She will most likely be the head of her house. however, Ezinma is born into a man's world, and that may not change as she grows into womanhood.

Clearly, Ezinma has been prepared to take on the world. Her father and mother both dote on her. She lacks for nothing. Hopefully, she will find womanhood just as fulfilling. Otherwise, she will be highly upset when things don't go her way.

Whether her temper tantrums will make a difference when she is married will depend on how much of a man her husband is. Then again, she may have his total adoration as well.


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