How does Montresor set his plans of revenge?

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Montresor carefully plans his revenge by behaving amiably towards Fortunato and treating him kindly in order to avoid suspicion and earn his trust. Montresor also chooses an advantageous time during the carnival season to commit his crime, knowing that Fortunato will have his guard down and others will be less likely to disrupt his plan for revenge. Montresor also knows that Fortunato is excessively prideful and considers himself a connoisseur of fine wines. Montresor proceeds to bait and manipulate Fortunato by mentioning that he has a pipe of Amontillado but is not sure of its authenticity. Knowing that Fortunato will volunteer to confirm its authenticity, Montresor invites him to his family's vaults to taste the wine.

Montresor also mentions that he previously told his servants that he would be out of town, knowing that they would neglect their duties and leave his palazzo. As Fortunato follows Montresor deep into the catacombs, Montresor acts like he is concerned about Fortunato's health, which motivates the prideful Fortunato to continue his journey. Montresor also offers Fortunato several different types of wine while in the vaults, which further inebriates his victim. When the two men have traveled deep into the catacombs, Montresor quickly shackles the unsuspecting Fortunato and buries him alive in the catacombs, where he remains undiscovered. Montresor is also careful to not disclose his crime until fifty years after the murder.

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Montresor carefully plans out his revenge against Fortunato. He chooses Carnival as the time to carry out the murder because he knows people will be drinking and having fun. He makes sure his servants will not be in the house, so no one will see Fortunato coming into his house. Montresor knows Fortunato is egotistical when it comes to judging good wine, so Montresor tempts him with the story of buying a cask of Amontillado. Once Montresor has lured Fortunato away, he is so nice to him, pretending to worry about his health so Fortunato won't suspect anything. He encourages Fortunato to drink as they walk through the catacombs so it will be easy to chain him to the wall. Building the brick wall insures that no one will find Fortunato even if anyone suspects that Montresor might be involved. There truly is a method to Montresor's madness because he's telling his story fifty years later, and he never gets caught.

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