In what ways is Marcus Brutus a villain in Julius Caesar?I would like some points that prove that Brutus is a villain and if you could some examples/quotes that prove your point. Thanks :)

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hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar is a unique play because the line between good and evil is jagged and unclear.  When I teach this play to my class, it is usually about a 50-50 split between those who think Antony is the good guy and those who think Brutus is the honorable one.

Those who see Brutus as the villain tend to fault Brutus for being gullible and so easily manipulated.  He falls for Cassius' ploy to kill Caesar unable to see the personal vendetta attached to Cassius' efforts.

Others fault Brutus for his lack of loyalty.  Caesar had been one of his closest friends for a long time.  Some people can't jusify stabbing one's friend in the back, no matter what the reason.  They are further repulsed by the way Brutus bathes his hands in Caesar's blood almost immediately after the slaying.  They find it a gory act, void of any loyalty or honor.

psmadhusoodhan | Student

Marcus Brutus was definitely the villain in Julius Caesar. Had he had no villainous instinct, Cassius would not have been successful bringing him onto his side. Marcus Brutus, known to be principled intellectual couldn't have been so susceptible to the explanations offered by Cassius.

The lesson clearly portrays him as the villain because he had taken the entire episode into his reins right from the place, time and venue of the killing of Caesar. Not only this, he also validates the killing to the Romans accentuating that Caesar would have become a dictator. Isn’t his act seemed to be a dictator’s work?


mahmood786 | Student

The villain would then be Cassius for conspiring to kill Caesar, for manipulating Brutus. "

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Cassius was the brains behind act. He got in to the other guys heads and used their fears and ideas towards killing ceaser. He made Brutus believe he was doing the right thing for what was best for rome. Simple mind tricks on the others. look at how the sith lord used Skywalker to kill the rest of his jedi friends. same thing.