Civil Peace Questions and Answers
by Chinua Achebe

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In what ways is the setting of Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe similar to that of "The Lesson" by Toni Bamabara?

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The setting of Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe is similar to that of "The Lesson" by Toni Bamabara.

Civil Peace is set in eastern Nigeria, after the civil war there. Many people have lost their jobs and/or homes. Lives have been lost. People are trying to rebuild as best they can. Jonathan Iwegbu is one such man who brings his family back to their hometown, to find their house is still standing. Jon feels inordinately blessed to be able to move forward, even in light of thieves who rob him, while his cries for help go unanswered. Loss and poverty surround them, but still Jon and his family work hard.

"The Lesson" is set in the United States. However, in this story also, the children Miss Moore is trying to instruct also come from homes where money and opportunity are scarce. In this story also, family members work hard to get ahead and provide for their families. Sylvia's family members (like the other children's families) do not have a great deal, but they do the best they can with their limited resources. Poverty is something these families must deal with as well.

In both stories, the hope of a better life is present. Each story is set within an impoverished society. In both stories, hope is present in the two communities described, though they are on opposite sides of the world.

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