What are ways to improve the nominations of presidential candidates for political parties?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many possible answers to this question.  Different people will see different problems with the nominating process.  Let us look at some possible answers.

  1.  There are no ways to improve the process.  The process we have now allows plenty of qualified candidates to be considered by the voters.
  2. The “super PACs” should be reined in.  In this view, it is bad that these groups are able to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates.  Because they can do so, one or two really wealthy donors can keep a candidate in a race.  We could improve the process by returning to a system where donations to candidates are regulated.
  3. Take away the special position of Iowa and New Hampshire.  By letting these two states have their caucuses (Iowa) and primaries (NH) so early, we give them too much power.  A candidate who does poorly in these states can have their candidacy destroyed.  This is bad because these states are very small and are not representative of the US as a whole.  We could fix this if the political parties would no longer allow these two states to have their selection processes before all the other states.
  4. Don’t start the primaries so soon.  It is more than a year before the general election, but we have already had a Republican primary debate.  Some people would say that this is too early to be having such events because the average voter is not in any way tuned in to politics so long before a general election.  We should move the primaries back further in the year and we should not allow events like the debates to occur so early.

All of these are possible answers to this question.  However, there are many other possibilities.  Please follow the links below for more.