What are the ways how a teacher can use the internet as a tool of communication and construction? Thank you!What are the ways how a teacher can use the internet as a tool of communication and...

What are the ways how a teacher can use the internet as a tool of communication and construction? Thank you!

What are the ways how a teacher can use the internet as a tool of communication and construction? Thank you!

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Having a class web page is handy for announcements and storing documents. I also have begun using wikis recently. They are a great way to keep kids talking to each other without having them meet face to face. You can also use google docs to store files and have students share theirs.
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Teachers (and many do) can create private groups on eNotes.com where they can engage students in online conversations. Online discussions are a great way to teach students how to use an emerging medium (the internet) while stimulating writing practice and thinking about critical issues. Plus, all the work is there for the teacher to look over at the end of the discussion. Students can be encouraged to link to sources that support their position and use the internet to their advantage.

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Maintaining a FREE class website though Google or a similar organization is a great way for teachers to communicate with students and their parents.  I use my Google Sites site for a few things:

Missed work--Students who are absent to not have to wait until they return to get their make-up work.  They can log on and get this assignments at any time

Access to class materials--I can put powerpoints, etc. on the site so that students can access them in the event of an absence or just for review/study purposes.

News updates--If a class does particularly well on a given assessment, I post in on my news page for all the parents to see!

Providing Resources--I have a page that provides students with supplementary reading, useful links, etc.


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The previous post gave some fine analysis.  Another way the internet can be used for students as a tool of communication would be for blogging.  For example, instead of students keeping the standard reading log, students can keep a blog where they create entries of a work they are reading.  This accomplishes the idea of being able to connect with others, who can post comments to their blog, and create a new dialogue.  Along these lines, students can maintain and edit a wiki, which is an online collaborative forum for information and the sharing of ideas.  Something I have done along these lines would be at the end of a unit, I have students create a Powerpoint Slide about some aspect of the unit.  Students create their one slide and then upload it onto my blog.  Now, students have created an interactive slide show where others can comment.  If you can garner access to an online learning environment, this is another opportunity to develop the collaborative aspect, as students are able to comment and reply to one another's thoughts.

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The internet is an amazingly powerful tool and can help in school in many ways. Here are a few suggestions.

1. You can do a lot of research, especially if your school has subscriptions to academic journals.

2. You can network with other teachers or even go on sites like enotes.

3. Another great benefit is that the internet is always available 24 hours a day. So, your students can log on whenever they need to. In this way, flexibility is unparalleled.

4. You can reach more people and perhaps even teach remotely.

For an example, check out my website. I use it to teach Greek. www.historyandtheology.com

My students log on and check their answers.