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In what ways have you been affected by world politics?


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There are many ways that we have been impacted by world politics. A few examples should prove this point.

In the 1930s, countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy decided to pursue a policy of aggression. These countries had believed they weren’t being treated fairly, had been disrespected by the Versailles Treaty or other international agreements, or wanted to pursue a policy of nationalism. Their actions eventually led to the start of World War II and other events tied to the war. Many people lost family members as a result of the Holocaust and as a result of the fighting in the war. The war directly impacted these people.

In today’s world, a political decision in one country can have a major impact in our country. When the British decided to begin the process to leave the European Union, our stock market dropped significantly. When news of a recession in China occurs, we also are impacted, often with a drop in the stock market. When North Korea tests a missile, the world is on edge about the possibility of a war occurring.

When a civil war breaks out in a country, we may be impacted in several ways. We may see a surge in the number of refugees who want to come to our country. This is currently happening with the large numbers of people fleeing Syria to escape the fighting there. The recent surge in the number of terrorist attacks also impacts us. As these terrorist groups try to accomplish their goals, we must be prepared for these events. Entrance into many public places is restricted to help try to prevent terrorist attacks. People often have to go through metal detectors before entering a stadium or a sports arena. Our baggage has been screened for years at the airport because of the concerns about possible terrorist attacks.

We are impacted significantly by world politics today. Something may happen very far from the shores of the United States, but it might have a direct impact in your local community.

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