In what ways has Constantine helped Skeeter to grow up?

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Essentially, Constantine was more of a mother to Skeeter than her own.  Constantine was able to validate Skeeter's voice as she grew up.  An example of this was when she was called "ugly."  As a child. Skeeter was not the type to wear pretty dresses and be admired by all of the boys.  She was not dainty.  When she was called, "ugly" it affected Skeeter in a visceral manner because it was a reminder that she was an "outsider" and would never be permitted to "fit into" the world of beauty and acceptance.

Being a member of "the help," Constantine knows what this experience is like.  She nurtures Skeeter from the heart when she tells them that the people who call her names are "fools."  In disparaging what others say, Constantine laid a profound foundation for Skeeter.  It was this moment that Skeeter comes back to repeatedly in going against the current, finding her own voice, and embracing the condition of what can be as opposed to what is.  As Skeeter grew up, she found a kindred spirit in Constantine, one that provided sanctuary and care.  When Skeeter would seethe at the rest of the world, she was able to find a set of eyes in Constantine that communicated, "“You are fine with me."  These lessons help to establish that Constantine played a major role in Skeeter's maturation and growth.

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