In what ways is Elizabeth affected by reading Darcy's letter in chapters 35 - 36 of Pride and Prejudice?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A range and a myriad of emotions ran through Elizabeth's mind as she read the letter showing Darcy's renewal of his offer.
Arguably, the first reaction was disbelief- How could he be coming back into her life after all that happened?

Second, she felt confusion- Why was he coming back exactly? What had happened in between? Was is as a result of something she did or did not do?

She was shocked and amazed at the fact that he took it upon himself to provide her with his apologies.


As she read on, she realized that his apologies contained a self-serving purpose; that to accuse her sister, Mr. Wickham and everything else but himself for his own actions and consequences.

She could not believe the haughtiness and insolence of this man whom she first held dearly, and most importantly, the lack of gentleman behavior in his letter confused her feelings to the point of anger and oppression.

She was at first in denial,because it was hard for her to see this massive drop from Darcy's part. It was a certainly devastating moment for her.


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