What are three ways Elie Wiesel's father helped him stay alive in the camps, as detailed in Night

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In the story, Elie's father is instrumental to his son surviving the Holocaust. Elie's father gives his son valuable advice, shares his rations of food with Elie, prevents Elie from falling asleep in the snow, and motivates his son to continue living despite their appalling, tragic circumstances. Elie's father is his source of comfort during the Holocaust and remains by Elie's side until he passes away. Shortly after arriving at Auschwitz, Elie mentions that he was terribly hungry and engulfs his ration of bread and margarine. Elie's father then advises him to eat sparingly before giving him his ration. Elie's father also offers him words of encouragement during extremely difficult, dangerous situations, which gives Elie the strength to endure the transports, constant violence, exhausting marches, and threatening prisoners. Elie's devotion to his father also inspires him to keep living. In one scene, Elie attempts to lay down and sleep in the snow after an arduous journey. Elie's...

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