In what ways does the United States relate to other countries around the world?

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There are many ways in which the United States relates to other countries.  Some of these include:

  • Trade partners.  The US trades with many countries around the world.
  • Borrower.  With our huge government deficit, we end up borrowing a lot of money from other countries.
  • Giver of aid.  We give a great deal of money in aid to countries where we are trying to help push their governments towards democracy or where we think we have vital strategic interests.
  • Strategic rivals.  Some countries see us (and we see them) as rivals for power.  Right now, this is particularly true of China.
  • Enemies.  We tend to related to countries like Iran and North Korea largely as adversaries.
  • Allies.  With other countries, our relations are much more friendly and we tend to push in the same direction on major issues.

Of course, the US can relate to one country in more than one way.

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