In what ways does Sassoon use irony to express his anger through his poem "The Hero"?

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Sassoon's "The Hero" focuses on anger, irony of situation, and hypocrisy.   

Specifically, concerning anger, the "Brother Officer" is angry at Jack, a "cold-footed, useless swine."  But on a larger level, the poem reveals anger at a system that perpetuates war. 

A boy goes to war.  He is scared to death and does not represent himself or his country well.  He is blown to bits.  A Colonel writes a letter to the mother of the soldier, "so nicely."  A fellow soldier goes to his mother and lies about how brave he was.  The mother is gullible and falls for the nicely written letter and the lies of the fellow soldier.  The fellow soldier is left regretting what he's done.

The characters are all in no-win situations, ironical situations.  None of the characters, with the possible exception of Jack, can be easily blamed for what they do.  The Colonel and the Fellow Officer certainly can't tell the mother the truth about her cowardly son.  The mother can't help but want to believe her...

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