In what ways does Piggy prove himself to be superior to Ralph?It is in chapter ten, somewhere.

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In chapter ten of "Lord of The Flies," Piggy, Sam and Eric, and Ralph have just begun to recover from the terrible experiences of the night before.  Simon has been killed by the mob of frightened boys, and everyone has run off to join Jack except for these four boys and the little ones.  It is here that Piggy proves that he is, in someways, superior to Ralph.

Piggy must remind Ralph what is important and what needs to be done.  Ralph seems to fall apart in this chapter and can't keep his thoughts together.  Piggy reminds Ralph of the fire and why the fire is so important to their survival. Piggy is intellectually superior to Ralph when it comes to reasoning out what needs to be done.  Piggy takes over until Ralph can pull himself together, however, he doesn't start giving orders, he simply encourages Ralph to remember that he is still chief and they need to continue to carry on with the rules.