In what ways does Nora fail at being a good mother?this is throughout the whole play

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slcollins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nora’s failures as a mother bring an ironic twist to the play. The most obvious example of Nora’s failure as a mother is her leaving Torvald and her family in the end. When she does this, she essentially abandons her children, leaving them without a mother. Some might argue that any mother is better than no mother at all. Another failure as a mother revolves around how she grew up. Nora remarks that her father did nothing more than dress her up like a doll and play with her…that no “real” parenting happened. She admonishes her father for this act, but Nora, in turn, is doing exactly the same thing with her children. The only times we see/hear the children in the play, Nora is playing with them. She is passing on to her children the same kind of weak parenting she received as a child. Lastly, while it is not a direct influence, Nora is passing on her lackadaisical attitude toward money. Torvald repeatedly mentions Nora’s shortcomings in regards to money and how those are affecting the children.

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