In what ways does Marlow change throughout his journey & after he meets Kurtz in Heart of Darkness?

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Marlow changes extensively throughout the course of Heart of Darkness. In the beginning, Marlow is very naïve and foolish when it comes to Africa, the jungle, the natives, and—most importantly—Kurtz. He makes the mistake of assuming that Kurtz is a noble, respectable manager and person when we learn quickly that he is not. As Marlow journeys closer and closer to the Inner Station and learns more of Kurtz and the various opinions people hold of him, Marlow becomes more suspicious. By the time he reaches the Inner Station, it is quite clear that Kurtz has de-evolved into some kind of madman or monster. As the novella reaches its ending, however, and Marlow takes work of Kurtz’s death home to Kurtz’s fiancé, he learns about another side of the man, a more noble, honorable, and respectable side that forces Marlow to question further exactly what happened in the Congo, the heart of darkness.

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