In what ways does the government take care of the needs of its people?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are various ways the government takes care of the needs of the people it governs. There are certain things government can provide more effectively. For example, the government builds roads so people and products can be moved from place to place. The government encouraged the building of railroads in the 1800s to help with the settlement of the country. The government also establishes a military to protect us in case of attack.  It would be difficult for citizens to do this themselves.

There are other services the government provides. The government inspects our foods to be sure they are safe. The government establishes regulations to keep our environment clean. The government establishes rules for our financial markets to protect people from shady activities. The government issues health advisories if there is an outbreak of disease or illness. The government establishes guidelines to keep our work environment safe. The government watches over elections to make sure they are fair.

The government also helps those who are in need of assistance. Programs like Head Start help those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds get a head start on their learning. The government provides health care for those who are very poor with the Medicaid program. It also provides health care for those who are over 65 with the Medicare program. The government helps those in retirement with the Social Security program.

Our people have many needs. Some can be handled by the people themselves or by private groups. Other needs require government involvement.