In what ways does a full time legislative body improve representation?In what ways does a full time legislative body improve representation?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many arguments both for and against having a full-time legislature.  Follow the link below to see a detailed argument about this topic.

Some of the major reasons why a full-time legislature might improve representation are:

  • The legislators would be able to spend more time on legislation and constituent contact.  This would allow them to pay more attention to what the people want and to create more laws to address these issues.  This would improve representation.
  • Legislators would not have to work other jobs.  This would cut down on the instances of conflicts of interest.  In a part-time legislature, a legislator may be voting on proposals that affect his or her livelihood.  This may be seen as a conflict of interest.
  • The people might have more faith in the legislature.  In this case, they would become less apathetic about their government and less distrustful.  They would be more engaged in governmental issues and that would improve representation.