In what ways does A Farewell to Arms reveal the Hemingway code of behavior for a man?

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If Hemingway’s texts all seem similar, it’s likely because you’re recognizing the shared qualities between his protagonists known as the “Code Hero.” These protagonists all appear indifferent to their environments or their relationships (or both!). In fact, this is reflective of the feelings of disillusionment pervasive in Hemingway’s “Lost Generation” both during and after the first world war. The youth of the early twentieth-century felt as though they had received a bad deal, when the promises of progress from the previous generation were utterly destroyed, and the previous answers provided by Christianity and Western ideals did not seem to fit in a new modern age of destruction. These disenchanted men must behave like men, showing little emotion or weakness, and participating in activities dangerous or even life-threatening. There is pressure to prove their worth as men.

They are usually heavy drinkers, like Hemingway himself, and encounter death with indifference....

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