in what ways does fahrenheit 451 resemble modern america? do you think our society could become like this novel's? why? Is this already happening now? how?

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Fahrenheit 451 has some pretty startling future predictions, however I don’t think books will ever be outlawed, nor will we want them to be.  However, there is a futuristic discussion over the size of books, as more things because electronically based (eReaders, Smartphones), the size of novels is sure to decrease.  As a novelist, I see things like the mass closing of printed word stores as a sure sign that soon less people will be reading.  Is it possible those that don’t read with rise up against those that do?  Highly unlikely, but you never know.

Bradbury was very creative when he was discussing a future, which has since become quite like our own.  As we progress we demand that technological achievements continue to change, get faster and have advanced capabilities.  This is something that is apparent even in our own homes.  We may call to complain when our high speed internet is not performing fast enough, or our cell phones are not picking up a tower and thus not getting the bars we need.

Although, F-451 certainly had more advanced technologies, the characters in the novel appear to be, like us, expecting of greater advancements, faster travel and a life certainly more limitless.  An example of this is an exchange between Clarisse and Montag where they discuss the speed of motorists.  Going too slow can result in jail time, there is no time to stop and view the roses.  Certainly we do not drive that fast, but with more and more highways being built, and the German autobahn, it’s clear we could be moving in this direction.

F-451 depicts a very violent society.  Although, modern times mean the ability to capture criminals more easily, it certainly hasn’t had an effect on the crimes committed.  It can be argued that criminals are becoming more and more unaffected by rules and constraints.  Are they evil, or does technology play a role in their violent crimes?  An example of this kind of extravagant, unnecessary violence took place this past July when a Florida Teen brutally murdered his parents, with a hammer.  The blows came when his parents refused to allow him to throw a party.  After they were dead a party was thrown, with nearly 60 guests in attendance.  The F-451 implication here is that the teen used Facebook to invite his guests.  The entire time, the teen’s parents were buried in a back room under an abundance of household products.

Your second question is more for yourself, than something I can answer.  However, my personal opinion is, No.  No, modern times seem to be suggesting that we’re clearly heading in the direction of Bradbury’s future, and this is something we want to avoid.  Most of us still have peaceful dispositions but there are those that allow technology to parlay into their craziness.  Personally, I think the majority of the population will remain peaceful and eventually we’ll see a world more like, Minority Report, where violence is lessened due to technological advancements.

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