In what ways does Creon change over the course of the play Antigone?I am writing an essay about Creon.  I would like to know some of the ways in which is character develops or changes?  Thank you.

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Over the course of the play Antigone, Creon becomes a more sympathetic character.  At the beginning of the play, Creon is entirely stubborn and insists that there should be no mercy for Polyneices.  When he learns that Antigone has in fact attempted to bury her brother's body, Creon orders that she be put to death.  He will not let Haemon reason with him, and Creon tells his son that he has been pushed over by a woman.  Creon insists that the people of Thebes respect his orders as King.  However, over time Creon begins to see that he is being blinded by the laws of men.  Great tragedies befall his family and Creon begins to change his ways; however, he is ultimately too late to save the ones closest to him.  In the end, Creon does learn that his earlier stubborn nature has led him to his own downfall.